What is MELT?

MELT is a simple self-treatment technique that supports the rehydration of connective tissue. It was developed by Sue Hitzmann to empower her clients to get themselves out of pain at home.

In my classes I will try to teach you this method for SELF-treatment so that you can use this method by yourself at home whenever you like. We will explore techniques that are easy for you to do with modifications where appropriate.

Recent connective tissue research confirms that daily living dehydrates connective tissue. This is a natural cellular process that happens to everyone, regardless of age, activity level, or nutrition. Drinking water isn’t enough to rehydrate it.

Connective tissue dehydration leads to “stuck stress” which causes many of the common “pre-pain” symptoms many of us experience daily, like feeling stiff after sitting for long periods of time or frequently having midday fatigue.

MELT is designed to rehydrate this tissue with specific techniques that use soft balls and a unique soft body roller. Using specialized methods of Hands Off Bodywork, people can learn how to care for this system of their body.

Sue hitzmann developed the MELT Method to empower her own manual therapy clients to get themselves out of pain.

MELT is complementary to anything – yoga, Pilates, weightlifting, you name it. If you did MELT and then did traditional foam rolling, it would improve the benefits.